Phase One: Initial Project Proposal (IPP)

  • Agencies submit Initial Project Proposals (IPPs) using the IPP Template, which are reviewed by the Technology Modernization Board.
  • The Board assesses IPPs based on the criteria established by the Board. The Board will provide all agencies that submit IPPs a written memo highlighting the Board’s decision and possibly requesting additional action.

The proposal template for the IPP is available in the Documents & Templates section of this site.

Phase Two: Full Project Proposal (FPP)

  • If the Board accepts an IPP, the project team presents their Full Project Proposal (FPP) to the Board. FPPs allow the Board to review all financial aspects of the project and ask pointed questions of the project team.
  • If the Board approves an FPP for funding, the GSA program office and agency project team finalize a Written Agreement, consistent with recommendations made by the Board. The Written Agreement acts as a contract between the agency and Board and lists specific requirements and milestones.
  • Funds are distributed to project teams in an incremental manner, tied to performance against targets and milestones established by the Written Agreement.

All proposal templates for the FPP are available in the Documents & Templates section of this site.

Once a Project Has Been Funded

  • The Board reviews projects on a quarterly basis to ensure projects are on schedule and milestones are met. The Board may request corrective action during quarterly reviews.
  • Technical experts provide hands-on support to project teams to improve team capability, troubleshoot issues, and guarantee successful execution. Experts from GSA and entities such as the U.S. Digital Service may support project teams.
  • Agencies make repayments to the TMF according to the terms of the project written agreement.

For more information on repayment, see the Funding Guidelines.