To date, the TMF has invested over $750 million in technology modernization projects across our government – delivering greater security, efficiency, and operability – and demonstrating right now what’s possible in delivering a modern government to the American people. The revolving nature of the TMF allows it to recover funding from agencies, often in the form of cost savings by retiring legacy systems and deploying technology that is secure by design. In addition to direct cost savings, we’re reducing administrative burden for the federal workforce and providing the public with user-focused interfaces, quicker access to benefits and services, and a seamless customer journey by connecting data across government systems.

Although many of our investments are still actively underway, we’ve already seen our approach result in improved outcomes, enabling agencies to get to meaningful results quickly and improve mission delivery.

Case Studies

Case studies from our investments can be found below. They showcase the impact and measurable outcomes that TMF investments have demonstrated over the lifetime of our projects.