The most up-to-date documents and templates related to the TMF can be found below.


The Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act was passed December 12, 2017 as part of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act. The following documentation is related to the Technology Modernization Fund.


Phase One, Initial Project Proposal (IPP)

Use this template to prepare your initial proposal.

Initial Project Proposals selected by the Technology Modernization Board (Board) for further consideration may receive assistance in developing an in-depth proposal and business case to present to the Board. Please avoid the use of acronyms or terminology likely to be unfamiliar to someone outside of your agency and/or program area. Please limit Initial Project Proposals to 6 pages, using 10 point font (“General Information” excepted). Follow the instructions on the Submit a Proposal page to complete your submission.

Do not complete any of the other project proposal templates until the Board has approved your Initial Project Proposal.

  • IPP Appendix A Template (Word) (PDF)

Phase Two, Full Project Proposal (FPP)

Once the Board has approved your IPP, use the templates below to complete your Full Project Proposal (FPP). Do not complete any of the templates below until the Board has approved your Initial Project Proposal.

  • FPP Appendix A Template (Word) (PDF)
  • FPP Appendix B Template (Excel)
  • FPP Pitch Deck Template for Board Presentation (PowerPoint) (PDF) (Use of this template is optional)