What is the purpose of the TMF and how is it established?

Per the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act, the purpose of the TMF is to fund projects “for technology-related activities to improve information technology, and to enhance cybersecurity across the Federal Government.”

The TMF is authorized by the MGT Act as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018. The fund will be overseen by a technical oversight board which will provide funds and technical expertise to agency modernization projects and common solutions.

What is required from my agency?

M-18-12: Implementation of the Modernizing Government Technology Act allows agencies to begin submitting project proposals immediately for TMF funding consideration. The guidance does not require agencies to submit a minimum number of projects to the TMF by a certain date, however, all agencies are strongly encouraged to submit project proposals if the vision, mission, and use of TMF makes sense for agency IT modernization efforts. Proposals will be considered by the Board as they are submitted. For more information, please see M-18-12. Please also see the Funding Guidelines and the Additional Considerations.

Will the Technology Modernization Board consider projects from small agencies?

The TMF will consider technology-related projects from all federal agencies. Agencies are encouraged to review the Additional Considerations document and the Initial Product Proposal (IPP) template.

What is the purpose of the Initial Project Proposal?

Initial Project Proposals provide necessary information for the Board to consider a proposed project. Initial Project Proposals should explain the concept behind the project, its projected impact on agency mission, the strength of the project team and execution strategy, and other foundational details. Initial Project Proposals selected by the Board will be asked to make a formal presentation and business case to the Board at a later date and the Board will then vote on whether to recommend funding for the project. Initial Project Proposals selected by the Board are not a guarantee of project funding.

What is the process for submitting proposals to the Technology Modernization Board?

The Technology Modernization Board will consider all Initial Project Proposals it receives. Initial Project Proposals must be limited to two (2) pages and are intended to provide the Board with a high-level overview of the project, the problem to be solved, and the amount of money required to deliver. After an Initial Project Proposal is considered, the Board will inform the agency and project team about whether or not the project is selected to submit a formal presentation and business case to the Board. The Board may provide teams with recommendations, technical expertise, or requirements before hearing the formal presentation and business case. For more information, please review M-18-12.

How will the Technology Modernization Board assess projects?

The Board will consider all Initial Project Proposals submitted by federal agencies. The Board will use the criteria they have established to consider Initial Project Proposals. As a general guideline, agencies should leverage the Relevant Considerations in Preparing an Initial Project Proposal document found at Appendix B of M-18-12 and the Additional Considerations.

Will the Technology Modernization Board consider joint projects between multiple agencies?

Agencies are encouraged to submit joint projects and pursue shared services and common platforms.

How do agencies receive and repay funds from the TMF?

For extensive information about how agencies receive repay TMF disbursement, please see the Funding Guidelines document.

Where can I find relevant documents and guidance pertaining to the TMF?

The Documents & Templates section of this site contains the most up-to-date guidance, memoranda, and templates pertaining to the TMF and the Board.

Where can I ask additional questions?

If you have additional question not answered here or in the supporting documents, please email GSA’s TMF program office.