Guiding Principles

The Board stands by the following guiding principles to achieve the mission of the TMF:

Serve the best interest of the American public

  • Prioritize technology solutions to improve delivery of mission-critical services
  • Prioritize projects than can serve as common solutions and/or inspire reuse

Abide by an open, transparent, and fair process for evaluating project proposals

  • Implement a fair evaluation process based on consistent criteria that includes a strong technical and security approach with an execution strategy led by a highly capable team
  • Require agencies to articulate why they are requesting funds from the TMF and provide assurance of sound project cost and savings estimates
  • Accept proposals for both types of projects:
    • New projects or ideas that require funding to get off the ground
    • Ongoing projects that need an input of funds or technical expertise to improve project execution and drive stronger results
  • Publish updates, success stories, funding recommendations, and additional information that allows agencies to learn from the TMF operating model
  • Operate without a perception of bias and make funding recommendations based on the merits of individual proposals

Develop an agile project implementation process that supports the mission of the Fund

  • Implement a multi-step application process to guarantee a variety of projects are considered and the Board has all information needed to make informed funding recommendations
    • Step 1: Intake Initial Project Proposals based on Board-approved template
    • Step 2: Work with agency sponsors who have a project that meets the acceptable threshold of evidentiary support established by the Board in order to develop a strong business case and have project leadership present their vision and execution strategy to the Board for funding recommendations
  • Ensure, to the extent practicable, that technical expertise, sound project management leadership, and other necessary resources are available to project teams

Promote the health, sustainability, and utility of the Fund

  • Maintain a diverse portfolio of funded projects including those at different stages of maturity, low and high risk opportunities, and projects from different agencies
  • Establish milestones to ensure projects are on schedule and most likely to succeed
  • Assess Board and Fund performance on a regular basis to continuously improve processes and functions in order to ensure overall portfolio health

Operate according to Board rules and procedures

  • Ensure all rules and procedures align to the guiding principles of the Board
  • Establish a confidential environment that encourages candid discussion and the presentation of different opinions that produces substantive debate and, ultimately, conclusive recommendations from a majority of the Board