The TMF Board is seeking proposals for projects aimed at implementing the 21st Century IDEA. A new, streamlined process is available for projects that meet the TMF Criteria, and are aimed at implementing two specific areas of the Act:

  • Improving web accessibility; and/or
  • Digitizing public-facing forms

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently released policy guidance to federal agencies, Delivering a Digital-First Public Experience (OMB M-23-22). The guidance provides a robust policy framework for the next decade of digital modernization across government so agencies have common standards for delivering online tools and experiences that meet today’s expectations. The new proposal process will help agencies implement both the broad requirements of the 21st Century IDEA, and the specific guidance laid out in M-23-22.

Agencies begin the process by contacting the TMF Program Management Office to discuss the project. Different agencies may be at different stages of 21st Century IDEA implementation, and with different access to resources.

The TMF Program Management Office (PMO) will help agencies determine what level of funding and other resources are needed to ensure the project is successful. The PMO will also help agencies determine what level of repayment is appropriate (at least 50%). The requirements of the Act are expansive and complex, so regardless of funding level or other attributes, all projects must be supported by high-functioning teams with executive champions. Review our additional repayment guidance.

Next steps

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The Initial Project Proposal (IPP) templates can be found here:

  • Improving web accessibility for all people (Word) (PDF)
  • Improving customer experience through digitization of forms (Word) (PDF)

Before you submit an IPP, contact the PMO at We will set up some time to meet with your team via video conference to:

  • Walk through an overview of the investment process at the TMF.
  • Give you an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Ask clarifying questions about your proposal and begin to fill out this form to generate a draft IPP.

We look forward to partnering with you on your project!